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[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-dot-circle-o” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Video Production” text=”Starting with the most basic idea, we’ll bring your story to life. From draft to editing and colour grading, we provide a full and usable outcome – a perfect fit for your project. Our 4k cameras shoot beautiful crystal clear content.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-desktop” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Editing” text=”Using the latest software and tools available, we provide the ability to process and edit a wide range of footage formats. Our in-house editing provides an easy and clear workflow and structure with our customers.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-camera” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Photography” text=”From structured photographic events, all the way down to product photography – we’ve done it all. We are equipped with a suite of the latest in photo editing tools, making post-production just that bit easier.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”linea_icons” linea_icon=”icon-basic-book-pen” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Design & Graphics” text=”Let us help with day-to-day design and graphics needs. We know how tedious creating content can be, so we aim to make it easier for you. From simple photo manipulation – to full brochure and magazine spreads.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-facebook” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Social Media” text=”Let us help your business grow your online social presence. Whether you need assistance with the creation of social marketing campaigns or to analyse your existing marketing strategies, we can help.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Aerial Video” text=”Our arsenal of predominantly DJI drones can cater to the majority of your aerial needs. All of our aerial work complies with the standards set out by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and we strive to find ways to work in with this to meet your requirements.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″ custom_icon=”17547″ shape_size=”22″]
[eltdf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-map-marker” icon_size=”eltdf-icon-small” title_tag=”” title=”Aerial Mapping” text=”In such a fast moving industry, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in technological updates. Our mapping, spanning that of agricultural and private property can assist with a variety of challenges your business may be having with such low resolution maps available online.” icon_color=”#25abd1″ custom_icon_size=”22″ shape_size=”22″ link=””]