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WolfPak Warehouse Management Software

WolfPak is an internal web-based software package that integrates directly into MYOB EXO to allow for a ‘paperless’ warehouse environment.


WolfPak consists of 4 modules.

  • Picking System
  • Packing System
  • Inwards Goods System
  • Warehouse Alerting & Notification System


The WolfPak Picking Module was built to improve warehouse efficiency. It aims to reduce the amount of human error that can occur during the picking process, while staff are sent on a more direct /logical route around the warehouse using the already existing Bincode system.

Warehouse staff are given only the most important/relevant information that they need for each order for example, SKU, Bincode, Stock Count, & Product image. WolfPak provides both audible and visual feedback to the staff picking the order, ensuring they are picking the correct product every time.

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